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Welcome to Tano Drums

Tano Drums was founded in 2005 by Carlos Parlato - world class drummer to some of the greatest pop stars. The studio provides instrument education to students of all ages and teaches students how to create, produce and record their own music tracks in a safe environment by a professional drummer.

Our facilities include a spacious teaching studio and rehearsal room, a sound proof small guitar tuition room, a multifunction entrance lobby, custom sales area and storage, WC and Kitchenette. There is also free parking for parents and students alike. Come on in we will be happy to show you around!


For students with Additional Needs their education cannot be one size fits all. There has to be a greater understanding and time spent with each student to find out the best method of tuition for them individually. We have established many different methods of teaching students thus ensuring they achieve the best results and enjoy the time they spend in their lessons. For example a student with Autism may relate moods to colours and the volume of your voice.

We teach to recognised standards. We offer exam and grade tuition, ensuring the expectations are clear at the beginning and working to a planned programme. 

We provide lessons for all types of drum configurations. Whether you prefer rock, Jazz  lessons on a 4 piece or 7 piece classic configuration, we can make that happen for you.

PRICING: The price is £110 p/m for 1 hour a week lessons and £70 for one 30 minutes lesson a week. subject to formal enrolment. Lessons can include 1 recorded practise lesson every month! Come in for a Free 30 minutes Trial lesson!

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