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Carlos was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has over 30 years experience as a world class drummer and percussionist.  His formal music education started in the The Berklee College of Music in the United States studying alongside Horacio Hernandez, Dennis Chambers, Dom Famularo and Chester Thompson. He worked for Warner Music, South America and was resident drummer and recording engineer. He performed on many hits and toured with Riki Martin, Gloria Estefan, Christina Aguilera to name but a few.  From 1985 he spent several years teaching in both mainstream schools and schools for children from the Autistic Spectrum Disorder in Buenos Aires. He also taught adults with Autism. He qualified as Professor of Drums and Percussion in 1988 at  Direccion De Cultura, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Amongst his many experiences he recalls in 1990, Pennsylvania, the tragic traffic accident where a truck crashed into the Tour Bus leaving Gloria Estefan paralysed for many years and much of the accompanying musicians, including Carlos himself. A few year later Carlos goes on to open a Recording Studio in Miami USA, producing many local artists and musicians. He has recorded 115 albums to date. Later having decided to put his days of intense Touring behind Carlos returns to the UK and between 2007-2009 teaches group lessons at NACRO. Soon after Carlos decides to establish a new Recording Studio to focus on teaching and until 2012 he taught at Nene Park Academy, Peterborough, England.

Through his own music academy and unique teaching techniques he passes on his philosophy and secrets of his trade to students of all ages and ability. He sets out to inspire his students, to help them grow and to become more confident in their abilities and ultimately in themselves. Carlos is the Academy´s Director of Tuition and has been successful in teaching students to such a high standard that they have been able to progress from the Academy to DrumTech full time, thus pursuing their career as professional drummers and win the London Zildjian Drummer Love Competition.

As any respectable drummer that never stands still, Carlos Parlato continued to be involved in various projects throughout the years including collaborations with the bands like; Los Tulipanes, Lime Shark, Echoes of the Floyd, Kissmet and The Alan Warrington Experience, right through to professional work playing at the O2 London Arena for the Tangetto, including international live shows. Carlos is available for session work and live performances in the UK or abroad within a few weeks notice. As an experience drummer playing to the highest standards Carlos is the man to get the job done, so if you need a session drummer for your upcoming Live Event, Commercial Promo or for recording drum sections on your project, feel free to get in touch.          

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