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Drum Lessons

The studio gives students the opportunity to learn and hear themselves playing all types of drum and percussion setups within a professional recording studio environment. They also gain a deeper level of understanding of drumming and a greater appreciation of music itself. Lessons are booked weekly and are 30 minutes or 1 hour in duration dependent on your choice. Formal qualifications also can be achieved should students choose to enrol for these. Ideally each student should receive between 1 - 2 hours of tuition per week. Tuition is provided between the hours of 10am until 10pm six days a week. 30% of the students are on the Autism Spectrum, 1% have physical and learning disabilities, 50% Challenging Behaviour. Drum Clinics and Workshops planned.

Tuition Program

All lessons are personally tailored covering all levels from total beginner to advance levels and aim to prepare the students to achieve to the best of their abilities. Technical tips and advice gathered from  years of professional experience is handed down to the younger generations and to those seeking to master all aspects of drum playing in the personal development of  their musicianship. Carlos Parlato is also examiner covering every school grade levels for a recognised exam entry certificate.     


Research has shown that the thought patterns that arise whilst studying and creating music may help improve the capacity to learn math and social skills and help increase language learning and get better grades overall. Apparently, the human brain works very much like musical note patterns and the style and depth of music plays a role in this. Tano Drums is focusing on building on the success of teaching students with Additional Needs in collaboration with local schools. We have a role to play in supporting people to be able to achieve the best.