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Tano Drums is partner with Solidrums-Europe Quality drums from Argentina.

Stall Session Drummer at…

Annette Stevens, Singer - 2015

“Making my first album with Carlos Parlato” Matilda

Ghost Poet, Gang Panang Adlit’Remix on Spotify

Appearance at the NAMM Show USA 2015

The Academy has the pleasure to announce that Master drummer Carlos Parlato is taking part in the world’s largest trade event for music products - the National Association of Music Merchants, to represent Solidrums - a brand for which Carlos is also the Dealer in Europe and Asia.

Drummer from The Endeavour Band 2014

"I am pleased to announce that I have been endorsed by Solidrums. I am very excited to be playing their kits live and letting people hear how good their drums sound. The guys at Solidrums are great and I cannot wait to see what the future holds working alongside such a fantastic company."



Brewery Tap Jazz Jam Night/3th. Sunday every month.

www.notquitegeoff.com - Studio Work - 2014

“Thanks to Carlos Parlato for a great recording session and thanks to the video production tech at Et Tano Music Academy for a fabulous result.”

Graduation to DrumTech London - 2014

“We have another student who has successfully secured a place at DrumTech to pursue his career as a professional drummer! Congratulations to John Wilson who we will be saying goodbye to in September – well done!”

www.pedrogoffemusic.com - Session Work - 2013

“I commissioned Carlos to lay down all the drum sections for my home project and what a superb job he done! It was done on budget and all on the same night. No I have a complete CD. Many thanks Carlos!”

Winner of the Zildjian Drummer Love Competition - 2012

“We have another student who is the winner of the Zildjian Drummer Love competition held in London. Congratulations to Lucas Parlato, we are all very proud here at Tano Music Academy for this achievement  – well done!”

Graduation to DrumTech London - 2010

“We have another student who has has successfully secured a place at DrumTech to pursue his career as a professional drummer!

 Congratulations to Lucas Parlato who we have the pleasure to welcome as a TMA associate - well done!”

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